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Last updated September 1st, 2021
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My current focus & objectives
(always up-to-date)

Living in Indianapolis

in the heart of downtown
with an awesome partner & 2 cats

"With $7 billion in tech company acquisitions and IPOs, the most affordable housing market in the country, and a high production of software jobs, Indianapolis (and Indiana as a whole) is uniquely positioned to grow."

-- TechPoint

(they're who put the city on my radar.
I met them at Purdue's hackathon)

Check out more data at 2018 Indianapolis Tech Census

Returning to software

This update blossomed into an entire essay:

My return to software

Here's how it's going:

GitHub contribution graph

For non-technical readers [on a phone],
this is an instantly-recognizable
GitHub "contribution graph":
it hints at how frequently
I shipped code last year
(almost daily)

because I value integrity:

...& I just like disclosures:
I was the developer of an open-source bot many many years ago that's gained some popularity over time to manipulate this contribution graph, but the effect was less than [a fifth?] of my output last year.

I even held myself publicly accountable, replying every single day to one long Twitter thread with what I shipped for that day (so even written contributions to another blog show up here). That streak is still going unbroken.

In other words, the bot's contributions aren't even filling out any down-periods [as they usually do]. The only visible down-periods in the first place come from days I shipped updates in advance or after midnight.

Reading like I'm running out of time

Apparently I've been writing like I'm running out of time too. This was succinct but just a tad too long & distracting for this page:

I was wrong
about the Liberal Arts

Finally exercising again

January 2020: I'm in the best shape of my life since high school varsity sports. I'm weight training for the first time in my life (& consistently at that). I've radically experimented with my diet & I'm not even unfalsifiably opinionated or cult-like about my particular approach to nutrition. My blood lipids have remarkably reversed course & I'm ...underweight?

~ the-virus-that-shall-not-be-named knocks on the door ~

January 2021: I'm in the worst shape of my life. Maybe I should ask my doctor abou-- oh, those are just called stretch marks 😩

June 2021: Alright, no more worst-case prepping. I don't need to efficiently speedrun grocery stores twice monthly anymore. I can start patiently grabbing fresh ingredients twice weekly & cooking again. Let's return to the ultra-simple Ferriss-style:

  • meat & non-starch veggies
  • w/ a side of legumes & kettlebell swings
  • & 1 helluva' glutinous cheat day per week
    (what? Yeah the variance is actually productive)
    ...mostly productive πŸ˜‰

I'm already feeling like myself again

Writing daily for CreatorsWhoCode.com

Over 400 days of shipping daily public updates on Twitter:

Launched personal site & newsletter!

That's right:
there's more where this came from!


I'm not here to advertise anything. My social network is increasingly global & I need a stable [digital] address to keep contact with friends. My weekly newsletter is for anyone who wants to keep in-touch with me, even when we can't justify a conversation every week or month.

The social accountability is a nice plus too

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The more reading & studying I do, the more I have to write & share. I've gotten to an exciting point in my life where I'm revisiting some deeply-held worldviews while sustaining an openness to mystery & wonder. The only thing I really know is that I don't. & yet I've never wanted to Knowβ„’ as badly as I do now.

The funny thing is that I've always been a researcher, without realizing it. I only recently made a habit of writing stuff down. It forces me to take my ideas more seriously & hold myself to a higher standard of rigor. Why not share that with those most invested in me? I believe everyone has something to teach us.

Let's build futures worth building

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Let's catch up!

Since only the smartest, funniest, & most attractive readers such as yourself read this far... my calendar is particularly open for the next few months if you love chatting on the phone or Zoom. You can schedule time directly into my calendar to chat if you click/tap on my picture in the bottom left! We'll see how long I can keep that up. I look forward to meeting you!

This page was inspired by nownownow.com & also Steph Smith's open dashboard idea to publish continuous data

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