Business is Trust

Last updated April 16th, 2019
1-min read

Which sounds most intimidating?

  • applying for jobs out of reach
  • asking that stranger on a date
  • building a sustainable business

These are transactions, and they require communication
If you want someone else's time or money,
then you need to earn their trust

Trust is a communication cache: when we trust, we needn't say another word

In love, trust brings comfort & security
In business, trust brings money & success

Do I know you?

Your career in your 20s is largely stockpiling social proof
When an employer asks for your portfolio, they need social proof
They only trust some of the employers who've entrusted you before

Does Bill Gates need a résumé?

Most people start dating through a social circle
You can "go out" but what if some cutie already hangs out with your friends?
They already trust you because enough people they trust do

This is why building my first business alone was so. damn. hard.
People only buy when they trust me to solve their problem
Nothing matters until I can prove it to them in their own language

  • How long did I take to build that trust?
  • How abruptly could I burn that trust for a quick buck?

Just because you could doesn't mean you should
Ask yourself: "how can I earn more trust today?"
It's often as simple as showing up

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